The Deep Human Story

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Deep Human Institute is a healing & personal transformation centre based in Singapore. We’re on a mission to bring traditional healing arts back into the everyday lives of people. From physical to emotional healing techniques,our dedicated team of healers and teachers are here to help you restore your health and vitality to it’s best state.

A safe and warm environment, you can be completely yourself as you start tuning in to what your body and heart is saying to you. And ultimately, we want you to discover what truly matters in your life, and find courage and strength to lead your best life.

Our Mission

Guide people towards leading an authentic and truthful life

Enable all to restore their physical, mental and emotional health to it’s best state.

Create a safe space for people to experience and learn about the traditional healing arts.

Meet The Team

Hun Ming Kwang

Living life to the edge and taking unconventional paths, Ming Kwang believes that making a difference to the world starts with yourself.

Liu Yi Xiang

Yixiang hopes to live life as intentionally and consciously as possible. She is on a quest to make a positive impact to the world.

Lee Li Xuan

Warm and emphatic, Li Xuan seeks to create a safe and peaceful space for people to fully experience and benefit from healing.

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