Lee Li Xuan

Li Xuan is an intuitive healer who specialises in gentle and healing Physical Chi Nei Tsang massage for the lymphatic, internal organs and lower body. She loves nature and enjoys tapping into nature’s energy and flows for healing and self discovery. Her healing techniques come from a lineage of masters within the Thai, Native American and Tibetan traditions.

Enabling people to make their dreams come true has been her personal interest since young. When she participated in a coaching program in 2015, she discovered that it was truly possible. A certified life coach with the International Coach Federation, she helps people find their inner motivations, discover their hidden dreams and talents, navigate through challenges and realise dreams through deep and meaningful coaching conversations. Since 2015, many of her clients have experienced progress in their career, relationships, self expression and finding direction.

She has actively pursued coaching and healing as a means to changing the world. Prior to her work with Deep Human Institute, she was one of the founding members of Quantum Zazen, a voluntary meditation group that has impacted hundreds of people since 2015.