Liu Yi Xiang

Aspiring to be an earthquake researcher to save lives, Yixiang researched on earthquakes in Nepal during her undergraduate years. She was awarded the NTU Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) Continuing Scholarship, an award given to the top 3 students of the course. As an environmental advocate, she led a team to plan and execute a carnival to promote environmental awareness in NTU. She was also part of the team that brought NTU Toastmasters Club to the second-largest club in Singapore in 2014, and spearheaded the first student organised Toastmasters International Semi-Annual Conference in 2015, featuring 6 top international speakers, and receiving over 300 international delegates.

At 21, she gave herself the best birthday present – a two-week solo trip to Taiwan. Since then, she has been backpacking to many countries. These trips made her realise how small we are in this world, yet also how powerful we are to change and create our own universe. It gave her the courage to start exploring possibilities and challenging herself in life.

Despite having the option of being an earthquake researcher upon graduation, she chose a life where she could leave a positive impact in this world with Deep Human Institute to restore and transform lives.