DeepConscious™ Walk

The Fitness Workout Program For Your Soul!

The DeepConscious Walk is designed to challenge you in a fitness exercise for the soul. As you walk with yourself, your physical, emotional and mental aspects in your body will be engaged for a full-on soul workout. You will begin to notice the minute changes in your body and emotions, giving you a chance to understand yourself better. The most important element in this journey is to not give up! Our teachers will be there to guide and encourage you as you get in touch with your inner world during the journey.


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Walking the journey of life

The journey of life takes us through many ups and downs, unexpected twists and turns. At times, we are greeted with a beautiful view. Other times, we are thrown of course, and it's hard to steady our steps for the journey ahead. Faced with these challenges, would you give up, or would you continue walking down your path in life? Challenge yourself in a workout for the soul. Join us for our DeepConscious™ Walk program now!