Physical Chi Nei
Tsang Massage


Physical Chi Ne Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang Massage is a traditional chinese massage practice that focuses on detoxifying the body through a deep massage of the abdomen. Not only relieving physical illnesses, negative emotional energy stored within our internal organs are also released during the treatment.



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What is Physical Chi Nei Tsang Massage?

Originating in Taoist monasteries, the monks noticed blockages being created in the abdominal area, which is believed to be our energy centre. They created the Chi Nei Tsang massage to regulate the flow of energy within us. Negative emotions that weren’t processed often manifests as Chi (vital life energy in us) blockages in our Nei Tsang (internal organs). This gentle massage goes deep into your physical and emotional knots, helping you process and release negative energy in your internal organs, restoring your physical health to its optimum state.