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Our First DeepRelaxation™ Transformation Retreat!

We concluded our first DeepRelaxation™ Transformation Retreat this January 2019! Hear the stories, insights and benefits that the participants have gained from the retreat!

Learning to love oneself and others unconditionally

During the DeepRelaxation™ Transformation Retreat, the visualisation activity helped Kaining understand what she was seeking in life, and how loving others starts from within.

Taking time off to spend time with yourself

Wanting to spend time with himself, Pierce joined the DeepRelaxation™ Transformation Retreat, and found that it was the perfect place for him to spend time to get to know himself.

Keeping an open mind and discover yourself

Through meditation and the reflection exercise to conclude 2018, Aatif discovered new things about himself, and found clarity to the questions he had prior to the retreat.